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Imagination, Creativity, Curiosity, Innovation, Education

Why do they say only sky is the limit, when a man can walk in the moon…  Why are creativity and curiosity so important? Why we should not just concentrate on academic subjects and good test results in schools? Because with knowledge we need to have creative and innovative minds, that can imagine and create…

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Finnish Education 2.0 – Teacher Autonomy, Creativity & Fun Learning

ALO Finland Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) introduces Innovative Pedagogy and EdTech in Finland. The emphasis is on the practical approach and solutions that can be repeated, benchmarked and further developed worldwide. Teachers can learn from the best practices in Finnish schools via videos, text and photos. Investment on teachers pays dividends for all stakeholders: children, parents, teachers, principals, school owners and nations.…

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Finnish Education 2.0 – Play, Creativity & Learning

What is the Secret Sauce behind Finnish students high scores in international tests such as PISA, TIMMS AND PIRLS? Formal schooling in Finland does not begin until age 7. Childhood, play and playful learning are valued highly in Finnish education. There are no standardized testing or school inspectors continuously checking on the quality of teaching or the learning…

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Phenomenal Learning and 21st Century Competences in Finland

Finnish education has hit the news many times with its innovations in education. The new national curriculum (2016) introduces phenomenal, multi-disciplinary learning and seven broad-based competences such as ICT, multi-literacy, entrepreneurship. Education in Finland is not just about academic results, but 21st century competences and equal opportunities for all. Very often phenomenal learning is explained…

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Digital Teacher Training on Finnish Education 2.0

ALO Finland blog is about MOOCs (massive open online courses) life in Finland, inspiring schools, teachers and children, 21st century learning, creativity, innovative pedagogy, Finnish education and EdTech. Technology is fascinating, but more interesting are the people behind the innovative technological solutions. The world is in constant change and it is exciting what the future…

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