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Phenomenal Learning and 21st Century Competences in Finland

Finnish education has hit the news many times with its innovations in education. The new national curriculum (2016) introduces phenomenal, multi-disciplinary learning and seven broad-based competences such as ICT, multi-literacy, entrepreneurship. Education in Finland is not just about academic results, but 21st century competences and equal opportunities for all.

Very often phenomenal learning is explained in the media, that Finland is getting rid of subjects completely. This is not the case. Finnish children still study subjects, but schools are to enhance understanding of life phenomena like climate change or European Union by looking at big challenges in the world from a wider perspective. Thus, multi-disciplinary learning provides a good method for children to understand the bigger picture by looking at it from for example geographical, historical and economical point of view.

Finnish Education 2.0 brings great academic results, whilst cultivating curiosity, creativity and future innovators. End result of an excellent education is academically strong, happy and healthy children, who become well informed and more sustainable global citizens than previous generations.

ALO Finland is offering digital teacher training on phenomenal learning, the latest changes in the curriculum and competences.

Join the course underneath for 35€ (+VAT):

Phenomenal learning, curriculum and competence

Hope you find the course overview interesting and hope to see you on the course soon.

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