Finnish Education 2.0 – Play, Creativity & Learning

What is the Secret Sauce behind Finnish students high scores in international tests such as PISA, TIMMS AND PIRLS?

Formal schooling in Finland does not begin until age 7. Childhood, play and playful learning are valued highly in Finnish education. There are no standardized testing or school inspectors continuously checking on the quality of teaching or the learning results,  and yet the learning results are good.

ALO Finland Digital teacher training course introduces Finnish education and offers to visit Finnish primary and preschools via photos, videos and text. Read and learn from Finnish education, the latest changes in the curriculum and explore with the pedagogical experiments in Finnish schools. The main topics are:

1. Authentic learning in online environment

2. Innovative Pedagogy

4. Excellence & Equity in Education

5. Childhood, Play & Learning

6. Curriculum & Creativity

The course offers tests to recap your knowledge. The main point is to understand what, why and how education is provided in Finland and how Finnish teachers enhance learning with holistic approach. Please note, there is more to learning than just the tests and plenty of interaction and collaboration between learners is expected in the ALO Finland course.

Once all the tasks are completed successfully, a certificate can be received.

Find out more and join the course here.

Early Bird offer 35€ (+VAT).

Hope to see you on the course soon!


Pirjo Suhonen



  1. Pirjo Suhonen on 29.12.2017 at 00:39
    • Humayun on 12.3.2018 at 19:08

      I attended this course two days back, an am awaiting my certificate of completion now. I ve left my feedback there. Plz respond.

  2. Pirjo on 12.3.2018 at 22:52

    Hope you are happy with the certificate and all is good in Pakistan. The task can be done more than once and was not certain if you were finished with it, but the certificate is issued now. Thank you for your comment. And please note that learners can use the discussion forum to ask questions and try to encourage other learners to communicate and collaborate. Not the easiest task, but hope there will be interesting discussion about education in different schools and countries.

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