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Cultivating Curiosity, Creativity and Future Innovators


ALO Finland

ALO is latin, meaning to Educate, Feed and Nurture.

ALO Finland is a Finnish company with a Mission to enhance Excellence and Equity in Education worldwide.

End result of an Effective Education: Academically Strong, Happy and Healthy Children.

ALO Finland is offering Digital Teacher Training on Finnish Education 2.0 for teachers, school owners and administrators in preschool and primary education.

Learner's Reviews:

"An interesting at distance visit of Finnish schools, combined with complete explanations of educational approach and new curriculum of Finland. Highly recommended for teachers and educators!"

"Interesting content, great themes"



ALO Finland MOOC

Digital Teacher Training on Finnish Education 2.0.

Alo Finland Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) provide an insight into best practices and innovative pedagogical experiments in Finnish schools. Visit Finnish Schools Online via videos, text and photos.

The course content: team teaching, 21st century competences, environmental education, creative use of EdTech, gamification, coding, early learning and preschool education.


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    Finnish Education

    ”Excellence and Equity in Education, Entrepreneurship and Creativity are valued highly in Finland - The land of Innovations.”

    Finnish education brings excellent academic results whilst cultivating creativity, curiosity and 21st century learning skills. Each student has a right to a good education and success at school, thus providing equal opportunities to all.

    Finnish students score well in international tests such as Pirls, Timms and PISA. Also, the differences between the weakest and strongest students are the smallest in the world, according to the recent survey by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).



    Community of creative minds sharing passion towards Education, Change and Technology.

    Pirjo Suhonen, the founder of ALO Finland, works together with Finnish companies, who have created different solutions to enhance learning and teaching. Pirjo has experience in Finnish education and she is passionate about creativity, future and innovations.

    "I love Tech, but I love Learning and Teaching more!"

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