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Climate Change and Global Environmental Education


Last week most school children in Finland had ski holidays, but some days were so cold, that they had to stay more indoors than  do outdoor activities such as skiing, skating, walking on frozen sea among other fun and exciting things that you can enjoy during winter. It is supposed to stay cold and this week weather cast is estimating -30 Celsius to some areas in Finland. That is cold, even if you dress up warm! With a bit of wind…Brrrrr!!!! Great thing about cold weather is that you can even take the car on a frozen sea.



Why should climate change and environmental education be part of local and global education?

Recently I read an article from Helsingin Sanomat, newspaper from Helsinki, Finland. The article stated that even if it is freezing in Finland, the temperature in the North Pole is well above freezing, around +6 Celsius. In other words, climate change is happening and is not only local issue, but global collaboration is more than needed to solve the situation.

Environmental education is taken seriously in Finland. Every pupil has the responsibility to look after the environment and they are taught to be more sustainable global citizens than previous generations. Climate change needs more attention in schools and communities as well as global efforts, action and collaboration to protect the environment better than before.



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Hope to see you on the course soon!


PS. In Finland we walk on water 😉

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