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Pirjo has a recent Master’s thesis (2016) on Educational Technology. During her Bachelor studies on Healthcare and Social Services, she realized that preventative social welfare is very effective and education is a powerful way to impact on individuals, society and future. Thus, she concentrated on educational studies and received Preschool Teacher's qualification from the University of Turku, Finland.

Pirjo is a strong believer on life-long learning and she enjoys experimenting with innovative teaching and learning practices. She has varied work experience in education and care from Finland, England, France and Belgium. Working in multinational and -cultural European School of Brussels was rewarding and the birthplace of ALO Finland MOOC.

Digital Teacher Training on Finnish Education 2.0

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ALO Finland web page and videos were funded by Leader Karhuseutu and The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

Pirjo Suhonen
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"Polar Partners is a Finnish company, committed to deliver the best Finnish educational products and services to schools world wide. Our mission is to permanently upgrade the education of our clients by providing the Finnish educational solutions and supporting the required change management process with our official partners."

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