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Digital Teacher Training on Finnish Education 2.0

ALO Finland blog is about MOOCs (massive open online courses) life in Finland, inspiring schools, teachers and children, 21st century learning, creativity, innovative pedagogy, Finnish education and EdTech.

Technology is fascinating, but more interesting are the people behind the innovative technological solutions. The world is in constant change and it is exciting what the future will bring to us. Since we are already surrounded by technology (and even more so in the future) just user knowledge is no longer enough. Children should understand their technological living environment and how the technical equipment works. Thus, they are able to operate and make use of technology more efficiently at work and in life.

Finland is facing changes in the new national curriculum and the integration of technology into schools is a big challenge. For the successful digitalization, an innovative pedagogy is needed to go hand in hand with the technology. Technology can be a great tool in education, but the pedagogy and learning are the King and the Queen.

 ALO Finland MOOC

Master’s studies gave a very good insight into latest educational technology and the smart use of smart technology. Whilst studying I explored the idea, how to put together the iron, technology, and the pedagogy that goes with it. The emphasis should always be on the education and the human interaction in learning. Motivated about education and technology, I embarked on a creative journey to combine technology and pedagogy into a MOOC, Massive Open Online Course.

The content of the Digital Teacher training course course is Finnish Education 2.0, the new National Curriculum implemented in Finnish schools. The course  includes Multi-Disciplinary and Phenomenal Learning, Environmental Education, Team Teaching, Art, Creativity, Animations, Coding and Gamified Maths,

MOOCs at their best become global learners’ community. They improve when more learners join in, take responsibility for their own learning process, collaborate and co-create in their online learning environment. We can learn when, what and where we want to and have the best teachers on our fingertips!

The MOOC environment provides the tools for collaboration and sharing good practices. Thus, the teaching methods get further developed and more ways for the creative use of technology in education can be found. The brave and innovative pedagogical experiments in the ALO Finland MOOC are provided by the Finnish preschool and primary school teachers. Hopefully the extraordinary and excellent teachers and children are given justice via photos, texts and videos.

We truly hope that you find the course interesting and useful. Get in touch and drop a comment underneath.

Sunny Greetings from Finland!


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