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Finnish Education – Hundred Years of Happiness?

 Finland celebrated 100 years of Independence on 6.12.2017.


All the beautiful buildings were lit up blue in Helsinki,

100 flags were lifted up in front of the President’s Castle and

Fireworks went off with Finlandia Symphony by a famous Finnish composer, Jean Sibelius.


Has Finnish education always been a success?

Has it been 100 years of happiness for Finland?

Far from it.

Finland hasn’t got natural resources to rely on and suffered deeply from war, making the nation poor. Despite this Finnish politicians made massive changes in the education in the seventies to fight poverty and lift the country back on its feet. Only through long term investment an effective system was developed, which has benefited the whole nation. And yet, its successful education system is one of the most cost effective systems in the world.

Finnish students score well in international tests such as Timms, Pirls and PISA. The differences between the weakest and strongest students are the smallest in the world, according to a survey by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Also, the differences between schools are small and a Finnish child is getting the same quality education in schools in Finland, whether it is in Lapland or Helsinki.

Investment on education has paid dividends giving Finland a high innovation index allowing a small nation to compete globally.  Recently World Economic Forum ranked Finland the most innovative country, per capita, in the world. Investment on education has got a lot to do with innovations and global competitiveness.


Will the successful educational journey continue?

Let’s hope so!

Education is a powerful way to impact and empower individuals, society, future and sustainable development of any country. It is way too important to any nation to take for granted or not to invest in.

We should keep improving and aim for even better next 100 years for Finland and elsewhere.



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