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Environmental Education in Finland – The whole village as learning environment

ALO Finland Online Course  introduces environmental education and sustainable development in Finland. It’s not just about theory, but practical approach that comes with it. Teaching is very much applied knowledge and the course content offers plenty of different activities to promote environmental awareness and sustainable future. Teachers can read, learn and experiment with the best practices in an award winning environmental school via videos, text and photos.

The aim is to offer alternatives and ideas for environmental education paths for each school in their own environment. Some of the functions are also applicable to urban schools and districts. It is not the intention that all the themes, events and activities should be carried out every year, but more so to introduce different and creative ways to teach in a way that supports sustainable environmental development and nature.



1. Introduction to MOOC as a global learning environment and authentic learning.

2. Curriculum, competences, collaboration and learning environment. The new national curriculum (2016) introduces multi-disciplinary, phenomenal learning and seven competences such as ICT, entrepreneurship, life skills.

3. Environmental education and sustainable development



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